History of the Castel

The beginning

The first castle of Asnières en Bessin was built in the 13th century by Robert de Bricourt, it was destroyed at a certain time but we have no documentation of that time.It was then rebuilt in 1673 by the family Le Patouf. It was remodeled in the XVIII century when Louise Le Patouf gave her hand and the lordship of Asnières to the bailiff of Cerisy Auguste de Baudre (or Monsieur de Bavent), prevot and Captain General of the Coast Guard of the Grandcamp battalion. The last Lord of Asnieres was Emile de Baudre married to Jeanne du Fayel, daughter of Vicomte de Villeurnoy.

The Castels second life

The property was purchased in 1892 by Arthur Le Duc, animal sculptor. He inhabited the Castle until his death in 1918. He created the great monument of Formigny, commemorative of the victory of 1450, which assured the French the resumption of theNormandy.The family of Brunville bought the property from Mrs. Leduc, they lived in the house during the German occupation.It was then sold to Mr. Osmond, who in 1967 sold it to Sabine's parents.